John P. "Jeep" Haly

  Business Development Director

Since 1996, Jeep has successfully called on the Human Resource Departments of Corporate America as well as Development and Marketing Departments of companies and institutions providing products and services solutions in Identification Incentives and Recognition.


Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC
B. S. Business Economics

Jeep is married to Rose Hamlin Haly, who is an associate with the A.G. Edwards firm and they reside in Roswell, Georgia. Jeep is active in the community and is coaching the 7th Grade football team at Blessed Trinity School. Jeep played defensive end at Wofford College and Middle line backer for the University of Sydney in Australia. In his leisure he enjoys golf, gardening, boating and investments.

“You will find it a pleasure to work with Jeep and know that he cares and will serve you well.”
-J. Patrick Haly, President

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