Our corporate Executive Search program has proved to be the most effective, reliable and cost effective method of identifying and appraising quality executives to fill specific positions for your corporation.

Executive Search Services

The professional search program does not depend upon luck, short-cuts, nor gimmicks, but rather on experience, contacts and a time tested methodology.
The employment marketplace in the U.S.A. is undergoing dramatic change. Major company shifts in the needs of employers and employees have created a new standard of rules. National Personnel Services - now called Career Marketing Strategy-maintains an up-to-date perspective and extensive  data base and relationships through our affiliations in the professional and local communities.

The Foundation of our Professional Recruiting

  • Comprehensive consulting with all persons involved in the hiring process.
  • An honest evaluation of the relevancy of salary and experience related to the person
         you are seeking.
  • A well defined position description agreed upon before the search commences.
  • Availability of extensive candidate files, people lists, and advertising knowledge to
         locate suitable candidates.
  • A highly trained, skilled search executive who will take the time to get to know you
         and your company filling your position with a candidate that meets your exact
  • Years of experience has enabled us to develop nationwide contacts in virtually every
          working industry. These are invaluable in identifying good companies and good

Who are we?

National Personnel Services - now called Career Marketing Strategy - is a professional recruitment service with over thirty years experience in filling mid-to-upper management positions throughout the U.S. Our executives all have a minimum ten years of service in management positions with major U.S. corporations. They have the insight and knowledge of corporate policies, structures and operations which is invaluable to the search process and aids us in accurately evaluating candidates.

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