Let us give your exiting executives the emotional support, the job seeking foundation, and the best tools to help them find new employment.

Efficient and Cost Effective Outplacement Services

In tough economic times, layoffs are unfortunate events. Our outplacement services were developed to decrease the negative impact on executives in career transition by providing the spring board they may need in finding their next opportunity.

Many companies want to do the "right thing" for the executives who have served them, in many cases for long periods of time. Providing outplacement services  is a way to say more than just "Thank You",  by providing  a helping hand and some emotional support at a time when it will be most appreciated. At National Personnel we offer a broad array of outplacement services specifically tailored to suit your needs.

Outplacement Services provide many Benefits

The majority of companies use outplacement services because they provide a variety of benefits ...

  • Helps reduce the risk of legal action
  • Helps reduce unemployment costs
  • Helps improve Corporate Image
  • Helps retain existing Executives 
  • Helps show exiting Executives that you care 
  • Helps relieves stress on everyone involed  

At National Personnel we facilitate the transition of former executives while reducing the negative impact at significantly lower cost than traditional outplacement firms.

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