We provide personal attention to all outplaced candidates in a caring and professional environment.

Candidate Outplacement

In the past decade much has been written about corporate restructuring, re-engineering or downsizing, etc. The fact is, you could be out of work and a pay check. This can be alarming or devastating to a person and a family as a whole. Many people do not deal well with this, so when job loss occurs they turn within themselves shutting out reality and living in denial.  With our proven results oriented outplacement assistance program, we help employees through this difficult time while they get back on their feet and ready for new challenges.

Candidate Outplacement Services

  • Assessment process - where you have been, where you are, and where you need to go.
  • Transition course designed to sell your ability and skills
  • Outplacement assistance provided in one on one executive office setting
  • Computer access, administrative support, fax machines, telephone service, computerized database.
  • Resume restructure and development.  "Resumes that get results"
  • Provide training and assistance in writing effective correspondence
  • Continuous copies of resume and material as needed
  • Provide research assistance in sourcing library data and statistical information
  • International and National link of Executive Recruiters
  • Unlimited counseling support: a "Career Coach" until you are connected
  • Strategic marketing campaign assistance

We make our best effort to facilitate a speedy and successful transition.

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