Aptitude Testing

Aptitude Testing

Being between jobs naturally lends itself to reflection on ones career path. It's at this time that many people decide to perform personal inventory and evaluation of where they are, and where they would like go. Aptitude testing in an excellent way to determine what your real aptitudes are, and how best to leverage them in your next career step. This can be particularly beneficial to candidates who are not only looking at a new career in a different field, but also for candidates considering starting their own business. Having the right aptitudes, can significantly increase both job satisfaction and the chances of success in any career.

The National Personnel Difference

We team with a nationally known, time proven aptitude testing program, then take those results and combine them with the National Personnel Candidate Evaluation Profile. In this way that we are able to determine not only what aptitudes the candidate possesses, but also how those aptitudes fit with their likes and dislikes. Many times we find candidates are well suited for certain types of work but do not necessarily do well under a particular management style. In other cases we have found candidates just did not have the right aptitudes to excel in certain previous positions and want to avoid this scenario in the future.

By combining apititude testing with the National Personnel Evaluation Profile we can accomplish much more than aptitude testing alone.

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